About Us

John Beath Environmental LLC (JBE) was founded in early 2015 based on John Beath’s thirty-plus years of environmental and sustainability experience in industry and consulting.  Our broad sector experience includes: upstream and downstream oil and gas, manufacturing, waste management, alternative energy, financial services, food and beverage, pulp and paper, healthcare, specialty chemicals, transportation, petrochemical, aviation, technology, utility/power, pharmaceuticals, dairy, and agriculture.

We believe a number of key factors differentiate us from our peers:

1. We seek, employ and retain motivated and effective scientists and engineers with a strong background in environmental and sustainability consulting to address client needs in a way that meets/exceeds expectations and advances the process and/or outcome; that is, we seek to leave the situation better than we found it.
2. In performing this work we expect that treating our employees as the most important reason for the existence of our company will almost automatically result in satisfied clients as a result of the work those employees will do. One of the unique ways we do this is by allowing our employees to set (and periodically adjust) the hours they want to work each week as their life situation demands and we have structured our benefits to allow that.
3. Further we are committed to supporting continued employee success through the challenging projects we land and what we all learn from them, as well as by an embedded education process that regularly contributes to professional growth and understanding.
4. To support this work we have deliberately chosen to do so with no capital assets other than the computers we all use (we don’t have offices but we do acknowledge the usefulness of co-work spaces to help fill that gap as needed). This results in very limited management burden, so that our staff can focus on delivery of quality work; as a consequence, our clients don’t have to pay for overhead that is not really needed to produce the desired results. That translates into lower project execution cost for them.
5. In the broader sense, JBE seeks to impact the global environment in a positive, practical and resource-efficient way that allows business to thrive and achieve great things for us all.

Our clients tell us that they keep coming back to JBE because our attention to detail and insight
help to reduce the amount of time our clients need to spend interacting with us as we deliver.