Air Quality

Permitting and compliance with tomorrow in mind


JBE’s team members have extensive air permitting, reporting, and compliance experience ranging from the oil and gas, manufacturing, chemicals, and high technology industries.  In that regard, JBE is similar to many environmental consulting companies around the world today.  However, JBE’s team members also have extensive compliance experience, as well as extensive experience working to organize and interpret considerable amounts of data from sources of all kinds for use in many applications.

This experience has resulted in an approach to

air permitting, reporting, and compliance with tomorrow in mind.

For example, we partner with our clients to explore all potential possibilities to reduce regulatory burden while maintaining compliance, and work closely with our regulatory agency contacts to obtain accurate permits that our clients can more easily live with.

Another example is our approach to creating emissions reporting spreadsheets that consolidate calculations for similar sources in the simplest, most automated way possible to create easy data entry and navigation each time the report has to be completed.  Let’s face it, people change positions and usually reports are only done once per year – all reasons why creating calculations and reporting tools that are easy to understand and use is so important to increasing efficiency and saving costs and frustration.  In addition, creating great tools and calculations is very important, but these must be created with data entry in mind.  We also strive to create tools that mirror the system in which the data will be entered, reducing the time it takes to complete the data entry, but also reducing the potential for errors.

JBE can assist you in the permitting process, but also in the process of living with your permit.  Even when requirements are straightforward, implementation and demonstrating compliance with those requirements can be much less clear.  Please see our Compliance Assurance page for more information on how we can help, or contact us today.