Bonnie Nixon

Bonnie Nixon, Senior Environmental Consultant

Bonnie Nixon’s key skills are navigating complex systems, inspiring change within large institutions, negotiating disparate viewpoints and goals, and communicating effectively across multiple audiences. As a strategist, collaborator and educator, Ms. Nixon knows how to transform traditional thinking, advise companies and inspire major breakthroughs. She is committed to technology solutions for global resource management and corporate social responsibility challenges and known for designing, operationalizing and promoting complex and large-scale sustainability and social impact programs and organizations with a focus on standards, monitoring, verification and reporting. Ms. Nixon is always pushing at the edge of what is possible as it relates to design and innovation of products and services. She is known for transforming adversaries into advocates using purpose driven and skilled communication and messaging techniques. Ms. Nixon has a keen understanding of complex supply chains and how to use technology to advance traceability, transparency and worldwide transformation.

Key Sustainability Positions and Projects

• Providing sustainability strategies and execution, supply chain social and environmental programs and stakeholder management expertise to private and public sector, academia and startups.
• Advancing large-scale sustainability strategies and innovative environmental programs for companies like HP, Inc., Apple, Google, BASF, Cisco, Intuit, AEO, Verizon, Qualcomm and Snap.
• Senior Advisor for The Sustainability Roundtable, a Leader in alternative energy efficiency for sustainable infrastructure and renewable real estate solutions
• Coaching and advising executive leaders on communication strategies process improvements.
Developing profitable social media and training programs to promote leadership and brand loyalty.

MATTEL, INC., Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS)
• Improved image by revamping customer and investor collaterals, website and videos.
• Completed 2020 Vision, strategy and business case for ethical and environmental leadership by benchmarking competitors and leading consumer companies and justifying investments.
• Transformed long term negative media coverage in two key areas of labor and environment.
• Orchestrated team, timeline and $2M budget to catapult overdue toxics removal from packaging and exit controversial forestry practices for packaging validated by Rainforest Alliance.
• Refreshed Global Manufacturing Principles and designed rollout program for large supply base.

• Increased customer and membership retention by reshaping lifecycle assessment output and focusing deliverables to respond to customer, societal and community demand.
• Re-restructured 40-person organization, reformulated Board of Directors to improve overall effectiveness and reduce budget.
• Globalized organization, opened Netherlands headquarters and leveraged Latin American and Asian partnerships to demonstrate open market access across geographies and cultures.
• Increased transparency and credibility with key non-governmental organizations by placing them on the Executive Committee, Advisory Board and Ongoing Issue Working Groups.

HEWLETT PACKARD, Director of Global Sustainability
• Transformed negative brand reputation to market leader by motivating competitors to take action in common supply chain, promoting transparency and partnering with adversaries (EICC).
• Generated extensive media activity from keynotes, sponsorships and articles resulting in #1 rating in Newsweek and features in Business Week, Forbes, USA Today and NY Times.
• Unified diverse departments including Marketing, Procurement, R&D, Operations, Packaging, Logistics and Quality to advance innovative products, trainings and balanced scorecards.
• Led overall strategy and translated into award-winning internal and external reports.

HEWLETT PACKARD, Director of Ethical Sourcing
• Sustained C-Suite and VP buy-in and budget by creating and executing on 10-year product, facilities and supply chain breakthrough strategy emphasizing stakeholder engagement.
• Championed industry consortium by harmonizing environmental and ethical standards across technology sector reducing redundant supply chain training costs and effort duplication.
Implemented international training programs in Europe, China, SE Asia, India, Brazil and Mexico that reduced worker turnover, increased safer factories and productivity.

Teaching Expertise

Advisory Board Member, Social Entrepreneurship and Change, Pepperdine University, CA
Senior Advisor, Institute for Environmental Entrepreneurship, UC Berkeley, CA
Resident Scholar, Institute for Global Justice, Stanford University, CA
Executive Faculty, Presidio Sustainability MBA Program, San Francisco, CA
Faculty Professor, Sustainable Supply Chain Operations, California College of the Arts, CA
Adjunct Professor & Guest Lecturer, UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, MIT, Rutgers and IMD

Industry Consortium Expertise

Sustainable Brands Advisory Board | Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition, Past Chair/Vice Chair
Sustainable Silicon Valley, Past Board Chairwoman | Responsible Sourcing Network Advisory Board


Bonnie Nixon has been a leader in human rights supply chain, corporate responsibility, and businesses collaborating to improve business and societal/ environmental impact. 2006 to 2018 – Published in multiple journals, publications and feature articles and interviews including CNBC, Business Week, the New York Times, the Financial Times, BBC, IB.Com, Supply Chain Logistics Magazine, Purchasing Magazine, Supply Management.

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