Excel-Based Compliance Solutions

Where will your compliance software company be in 5 years?

What if you could leverage Microsoft Excel® effectively?

What if your software cost nothing?

JBE offers several simple Microsoft Excel®-based solutions for managing the most challenging environmental problems – knowing what to do, knowing things are getting done, managing proposed changes, and managing noncompliance.  

Our tools can be used individually or together. These include our ProcedureGrid, CalendarGrid, ProjEvalGrid, and IncidentGrid, collectively referred to as ComplianceGrid.  View our presentation below for information about each.


But even with the right tools, developing a compliance program can be a challenge

Over the years our team members have facilitated more than 50 compliance strategy workshops.  We’ve seen and assisted with compliance implementation in a wide variety of companies and types of facilities.  We’ve observed that each setting can have unique challenges and that the best approach is often a mixture of tactical solutions.  We’ve found it very helpful to discuss what is currently being done, what is working, and what is not (we call this a roadmap).  

JBE is experienced in working with our clients as a team to identify what is important to you and your stakeholders, choose the right tools, develop the content, and implement your program.  Email us to find out more about our experience and lessons learned.