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Management Team

John M. Beath, PE (Texas), LCACP   |   LLC Manager, Senior Technical Consultant and Environmental Coach

John M. Beath

John Beath has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Georgia Tech and more than thirty years of combined engineering, environmental and sustainability experience.  His industry assignments have included process engineering, planning and environmental positions at a refinery (including as an environmental superintendent), as well as a role as a corporate regional manager for remediation.  Following his industry assignments, he led program implementation at a major consultant company for eighteen years, including leading MACT implementation, Title V permitting, compliance assurance, RCRA permitting, emissions estimation, BWON, and LDAR support. He has worked in more than 16 refineries (including in China and South Africa).  Since founding JBE, he has led a wide variety of environmental compliance and sustainability projects, and has been very active at sharing his knowledge through papers, by leading training sessions and by facilitating workshops.  Full Bio

Kristen Rowe, MEM   |   Sustainability Practice Manager, Senior Sustainability Consultant

Kristen Rowe

Kristen Rowe has bachelor’s degrees in both environmental engineering and international affairs from Lafayette College, and completed the Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) program at Duke University.  Kristen has ten years of experience as an environmental consultant, focused on sustainability and air compliance.  Her air environmental experience includes CEMS data analysis in support of consent decree enforcement and work on a refinery TRI report.  She has developed GHG reporting strategies for various industry sectors, and has led life cycle assessments and carbon footprints for a wide assortment of clients.  Full Bio

Kathy Yeager   |   Administrative Manager

Kathy Yeager

Kathy Yeager has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and an MBA from Gannon University; and more than 25 years of experience in administrative services management in the health care industry. She brings her experience managing complex billing and accounting systems to the environmental consulting business.  She has recently led JBE through the quiet and uneventful transition from one payroll system to another in support of employees in 10 states.

JBE Staff

Sarah Elizabeth Backes   |   Senior Environmental Consultant

Sarah Elizabeth Backes

Sarah Backes has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of South Alabama and seven years of experience as an environmental consultant focused on air-related issues.  Her air experience includes supporting client needs related to the Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting (GHG) Rule, as well as for Title V, PSD, NSPS, and NESHAPs programs.  This work has included reporting, permitting and emissions calculations for a multitude of industries including upstream and midstream oil and gas, downstream refining, pipelines, steel mills, chemical manufacturing, and others.   Her recent work at JBE has included leading Tier Two and SARA TRI reports for refineries and assisting with various regulatory compliance assessments.  Full Bio

Lauren Beath   |   Graphic Designer

Lauren Beath

Lauren Beath has a bachelor’s degree in interior design from Texas State University and focuses on creating refined and impactful brand experiences. She collaborates with teams to develop design systems, strategies, and processes to deliver technical content and increase target-market visibility through eye-catching visuals. Strategically, Lauren aims to elevate brand offerings, shift mindsets and unleash project movement by pinpointing audience appeal and distilling core messaging down to its clearest visual form. This creative problem solving uses design to engage, empower, and educate across print, screen, and space.

Amy Caffarella   |   Senior Compliance and Sustainability Consultant

Amy CaffarellaAmy Caffarella has a bachelor’s degree in meteorology with a concentration in air quality from Penn State University, and recently completed her master’s degree in sustainable engineering (environmental sustainability track) from Villanova University.  Amy has more than ten years of environmental consulting experience, with a focus on air quality permitting, compliance, air dispersion modeling, and sustainability. Full Bio


Temis Coral   |   Sustainability Consultant

Temis CoralTemis Coral has a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University and Bachelor’s Degrees in both Chemical Engineering and Industrial Engineering from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. Temis has seven years of experience on operations consulting, manufacturing processes and environmental management in several sectors including consumer goods, food products, mining, construction and environmental NGO’s.  Full Bio

Shannon Going   |   Senior Environmental Consultant

Shannon GoingShannon Going has a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and six years of experience in the environmental field with a strong emphasis in air quality issues for the refining and petrochemical industries.  Shannon has a strong background in Title V and PSD permitting as well as New Source Review (NSR) and minor permit modifications in Texas, including performing detailed BACT analyses. She has extensive experience working on-site alongside plant personnel. She is adept at working closely with plant operators to ensure that environmental requirements are considered at all levels of plant operation during daily activities. Full Bio

Robert (Robin) Hill   |   Senior Environmental Consultant

Robin Hill has over 20 years of experience as an environmental engineer, primarily with air compliance programs. He was the environmental coordinator at a Texas petroleum calcining plant for 2 years. Previously, he worked as an environmental engineer at a Texas petroleum refinery for 16 years. He was also an environmental consultant for 2 years in Texas. A brief highlight of his skills/experiences include: Title V programs at petroleum refineries and coke plants, conducting Title V due-diligence compliance demonstrations as part of corporate audit teams, NSR and Title V, and TPDES permitting, including new and modified construction and renewals, reporting of spills, upsets/emissions events and releases to applicable agencies, emissions inventory preparation and reporting, performance emissions testing, stack emissions monitors (CEMS and COMS), periodic compliance reports including DMRs, refinery NSPS and MACT, and Title V deviations, preparing and conducting training, Class D domestic wastewater plant operator, solid waste programs, waste water discharge programs, Pollution Prevention Plan programs, and SPCC and GLO spill response programs. Full Bio

Rachel Kazanski   |   Senior Environmental Consultant

Rachel KazanskiRachel Kazanski has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Texas A&M University. Rachel has four years of experience as an environmental consultant, focused on air permitting and compliance, GHG Reporting, and air dispersion modeling, in the upstream oil & gas and manufacturing sectors. Rachel specializes in creating tools in Microsoft Excel to support clients in these areas. Full Bio


Scott Kirby, Ph.D.   |   Senior Environmental Consultant

Scott KirbyScott Kirby has a doctorate and a master’s of science in environmental engineering, and a bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering, all from the University of Alabama.  Scott has more than nine years of compliance management consulting, specializing in air quality permitting and compliance, process safety and risk management, and environmental management information systems design and deployment.  Full Bio


Kathryn Lintner   |   Business Practices Coach

Kathryn Lintner has over 24 years of account management, performance improvement, sales and environmental and sustainability experience for companies of all sizes, including multi-national Fortune 500 companies.  She has worked at manufacturing sites and within corporate functions, both as a direct employee and as a consultant/coach.  Her extensive expertise in engaging cross-functional stakeholders coupled with a wide variety of environmental and sustainability technical knowledge guarantees practical, business-oriented solutions to performance challenges.  Kathryn builds teams and forges relationships to effectively drive execution of business and environmental excellence through performance improvement initiatives and by using a systems approach to create sustainable programs and solutions.

Michael C. Miller   |   Senior Environmental Consultant

Michael C. Miller

Mike Miller has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Resource Management from The Pennsylvania State University along with over 30 years of experience in a variety of environmental as well as occupational health and safety matters. His environmental experience has been predominantly associated with air regulatory program compliance in the petrochemical industry, including New Source Review air permitting, Title V permitting and compliance, New Source Performance Standards, NESHAP rules, and MACT standards. He also has extensive experience with RCRA waste and hazardous waste, remediation, and waste water. His experience also includes work in the synthetic rubber manufacturing industry, as well as non-ferrous metals manufacturing and finishing. Full Bio

Soni Mohan   |   Senior Environmental Consultant

Soni Mohan

Soni Mohan received her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Utah, her master’s in Chemical Engineering and her MBA from the University of Houston. She has over 10 years of petrochemical industry experience in a variety of roles including: Process Engineer, Environmental Specialist and Business & Marketing Analyst. Full Bio


Chris Moore   |   Senior Sustainability Consultant

Chris MooreChris Moore earned both a Bachelors’ degree in chemical engineering and a Masters’ degree in environmental engineering from the University of Tennessee. He has worked in industry as a sustainability manager focused on development and implementation of sustainability strategy. These efforts ranged from helping to implement sustainability vision to data gathering and external reporting. He led efforts to complete life cycle assessments (LCAs) for various industrial products and to utilize LCA data to demonstrate product value. Chris was responsible for overseeing Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emission estimates as well as compiling data to determine the company’s environmental footprint. He led efforts to complete external sustainability reporting including Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). He was involved in multiple projects to improve the sustainability of products produced as well as efforts to improve overall energy and resource efficiency. Full Bio

Bonnie Nixon   |   Senior Sustainability Consultant

Bonnie Nixon has a bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University, a masters in education from Pepperdine University, and is currently a Ph. D. candidate from Pepperdine University. She has more than twenty years of environmental and sustainability experience. As a strategist, collaborator and educator, Ms. Nixon knows how to transform traditional thinking, advise companies and inspire major breakthroughs. She is committed to technology solutions for global resource management and corporate social responsibility challenges and known for designing, operationalizing and promoting complex and large-scale sustainability and social impact programs and organizations with a focus on standards, monitoring, verification and reporting. Full Bio

Cam Pascual   |   Sustainability Consultant

Cam Pascual

Cam Pascual has a bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in International Development and Conflict Management from the University of Maryland, and is the co-founder of Food Recovery Network (FRN).  Cam has over nine years of experience in waste reduction and diversion. Cam has also served as robotics expert and wrote emerging technology cables and information memos while interning with the Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State.  In addition, she has collaborated with both Turkish and American researchers on field and lab experiments studying solitary bee diversity and the impact of neonicotinoid exposure on honeybees at the National Science Foundation.  Full Bio

Scott Unger, Ph.D.   |   Senior Sustainability Consultant

Scott UngerScott Unger has a Ph.D. in Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering from Arizona State University. Scott has eight years of experience in life cycle assessment and developing metrics for sustainability. His experience includes: lead authorship on seven peer-reviewed publications grounded in sustainability and life cycle assessment (focusing primarily on healthcare products); lead author on the water quality section of the 2nd Triennial Report to Congress on Biofuels and the Environment; and, developing several USEPA reports and/or datasets focusing on life cycle assessment, emissions modeling, and/or inventory development. Full Bio

Paula Vosmus, PE (Louisiana)   |   Senior Environmental Engineer

Paula Vosmus

Paula Vosmus has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Tulane University and over five years of combined experience as both an environmental consultant and a process engineer, for a variety of clients in the petrochemical, refinery, pipeline, and paper industries.  Her environmental experience focused primarily on air compliance issues and includes supporting client needs related to Title V, PSD, NSPS, and NESHAPs programs.  This work has included reporting, permitting, emissions calculations, regulatory analyses, and designing air emissions compliance certification systems for a multitude of industries including refining, chemical manufacturing, pipelines and others.  Full Bio

JBE Collaborators

Daryl Beardsley   |   Senior Environmental and Sustainability Consultant

Daryl Beardsley

Daryl Beardsley has a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from the University of Rhode Island, and a master’s degree in Technology and Policy Programs within the Department of Civil Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Daryl’s field of specialization is in industrial-environmental and related sustainability issues.  She has a rich set of experience working with a wide variety of clients domestically and internationally.  Full Bio

Marjorie A. Boone, PE (Texas and Oklahoma)   |   Senior Compliance and Sustainability Engineer

Marjorie A. BooneMarjorie Boone has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Indiana University and a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Tulsa, as well as more than twelve years of engineering and environmental consulting experience.  She has assisted clients with compliance challenges in air, water and waste media.  She has also been instrumental in assisting clients with a number of complex carbon footprint developments using the GREET fuel and transportation model (as well as the CA-GREET related tool). Marjie is a registered professional engineer in Texas and Oklahoma.  Full Bio

Joyce Kristiansson, CEP, CHMM, CPEA   |   Senior Environmental Consultant

Joyce Kristiansson has a B.A. in Biology from Southern Illinois University and a Masters Degree in Environmental Management from the University of Houston.  She has more than thirty years of environmental compliance experience in a combination of regulatory agency, industry and consulting organizations.  She has led teams providing compliance and management systems solutions to major oil and energy companies, various ports and others.  She has developed numerous audit protocols and overseen audits on four continents. Full Bio

Rebecca LeBlanc   |   Senior Environmental Consultant

Rebecca holds degrees in Business from Endicott College and Technical Management from Wentworth Institute of Technology. She has completed coursework in Sustainable Operations and Principles & Strategies for Sustainability at the Institute for Global Sustainability at the University of Vermont, Industrial Ecology at Harvard University, LCA training through ISSP, iFu (Umberto NXT), and Regression Analytics from MIT. For the past 7 years, she has worked with a client-base who has just started their sustainability journey. These engagements have included working with the executive teams on the initial materiality assessments and developing the metrics to support the integration of sustainability into their annual reporting. Full Bio

Doug Price, PE (Texas)   |   Senior Environmental Engineer

Doug PriceDoug Price has bachelor’s degrees in chemical engineering and business administration finance from UT Austin.  He  has over thirty years of experience in the environmental field, with a strong emphasis in air quality issues.  He has provided environmental consulting services to clients in the refining, petrochemical, oil & gas, and other industries; and also has twelve combined years industry experience in refinery and division-level environmental compliance assignments.  Full Bio

Dean Ritts, PE, CEM, LEED AP O+M   |   Compliance and Sustainability Engineer

Dean RittsDean Ritts is an environmental engineer with nearly thirty years of experience in Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Engineering.  He has been leading EHS-S teams that deliver reductions in non-compliance events and sustainable solutions by finding common ground across diverse constituencies within manufacturing, R&D, and corporate environments.  He has had the unique experience of performing engineering services for an engineering design firm, as well as for a major environmental consulting firm.  His environmental compliance experience extends broadly into all media, and he has extensive experience in the use of the WATER9 wastewater treatment air emissions model.  Full Bio