Kristen Rowe, MEM

Kristen Rowe, MEM, Sustainability Practice Leader 

Kristen Rowe has over ten years of experience as a consultant focused on sustainability and environmental compliance and leads JBE’s sustainability practice.

Kristen earned Bachelors’ degree in both environmental engineering studies and international affairs from Lafayette College and a Masters’ of Environmental Management (MEM) from Duke University. She has extensive experience leading life cycle assessment and carbon footprint studies, supporting sustainability strategy  and reporting initiatives, and shepherding strategic corporate sustainability directives. Kristen has supported sustainable purchasing programs through assisting procurement and research and development teams in making informed decisions related to procurement, product formulation and supply/value chain engagement.  Kristen also has experience with Product Category Rule (PCR) development standards, 3rd party validation efforts for environmental data, Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, as well as life cycle assessments and carbon footprints, and supporting the development and certification of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). Her additional  sustainability consulting experience includes leading benchmarking studies, stakeholder engagement initiatives, and supporting materiality assessments.

Kristen also has some experience in environmental compliance, including CEMS data analysis in support of consent decree enforcement and work on a refinery TRI report.  She has also developed GHG reporting strategies for various industry sectors.

She has worked in the sustainability and compliance space for a wide variety of industry sectors including consumer products, and home care and personal care product categories.  Ms. Rowe has worked for a wide variety of industry sectors including consumer products, manufacturing, building industry, specialty chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, agriculture, dairy, pulp and paper, healthcare, food and beverage, automotive, aviation, and financial services sectors.

Kristen lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her loving husband and three amazing children. When she is away from her desk, she enjoys practicing the art of being present with her children, spending time outside, dancing “like nobody is watching”, meditation, running, playing soccer, cooking healthy and delicious meals, and reading up on the latest research in nutrition science and parenting/child psychology. She also enjoys stand-up comedy, live music, and game nights with friends and family.