JBE Developed Content

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) 101 – A Simplified Guide to Developing a Carbon Footprint Estimation for Your Farm

This book was written by JBE Manager, Senior Technical Consultant and Environmental Coach, John M. Beath, for those interested in constructing a carbon footprint. It’s purpose is to clearly and effectively:

-Takes you step-by-step through the carbon footprint development process (there aren’t may references out there that really do this – and those that do, rarely show their work)
-Shows you how to get a footprint done without using LCA modeling software (many consider this a barrier to learning the process)
-Acquaints you with the key drivers for a farm footprint and how to measure them

Learn more about constructing carbon footprints.

Excel-Based Compliance Solutions

Knowing what to do, knowing things are getting done, managing proposed changes, and managing noncompliance are some of the most challenging environmental problems companies face.  That’s why JBE developed simple Microsoft Excel®-based solutions for all of your management requirements.  We are experienced in working with our clients as a team to identify what is important to you and your stakeholders, choose the right tools, develop the content, and implement your program.  Learn more about our Excel-based compliance solutions.

JBE vision for a Tactical Environmental Management System

What has your EMS done for you lately?  JBE’s vision for a tactical EMS includes 12 elements of effective compliance.  From key program documents to utilizing the right tools for the job, learn more about our best practices when it comes to tactical EMS elements.   Learn more about A Tactical Environmental Management System – Twelve Elements of Effective Compliance.