Rachel Kazanski

Rachel Kazanski, Senior Environmental Engineer

Rachel Kazanski has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Texas A&M University and is a registered professional engineer in Texas. Rachel has four years of experience as an environmental consultant, focused on air permitting and compliance, GHG Reporting, and air dispersion modeling, in the upstream oil & gas and manufacturing sectors. Rachel specializes in creating tools in Microsoft Excel to support clients in these areas.

Her experience includes creating Excel tools that manage data and calculate air emissions for permit applications, including Title V, PSD and NSR permits, and for regulation compliance. She also performed air dispersion modeling with AERMOD and the Lakes Environmental graphic user interface for compliance with NAAQS and state ambient air quality standards.

Here are a few of the key projects where Rachel has provided her Excel expertise:
Excel Tool Replacement for EPA Software Tanks 4.09d – Created three user-friendly tools in Excel that calculate tank VOC emissions for compliance with EPA regulations. The EPA Software Tanks 4.09d used to serve this purpose, but it is no longer updated with new tanks regulations. The three Excel tools, one for each type of tank, replace this software, but also exceed it by providing transparency in calculations. In these tools, the user can review all inputs, calculations, and outputs much more easily than in Tanks 4.09d.
Previous Work Experience
Compliance support (Manufacturing) – Organized facility permit requirements into a comprehensible spreadsheet that enabled the client to easily search for source-specific requirements. Additionally, created a manageable spreadsheet that tracks facility emissions and warns the client when specific emissions are over their limits in support of annual compliance demonstration.
Project scheduling support (Manufacturing) – Created a spreadsheet for project scheduling purposes that tracks deadlines for project milestones and automatically generates a project bar schedule based on the current date and the milestones.
Federal toxic reporting support (Refinery) – Collected facility data, calculated waste stream emissions, and created a user-friendly spreadsheet that automatically streamlines the data into the official EPA reporting form.
Data management support (Upstream Oil & Gas) – Created a spreadsheet that analyzed 60,000 lines of data for deviations and streamlined the data into a table that showed each deviation, its time, and its length.