Roxanne Becker

Roxanne Becker, Sustainability Consultant

Roxanne has a bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering doubled with engineering in public policy from Carnegie Mellon University. She continued at Carnegie Mellon for a master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering with a research project for the DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratories to create an economic input-output life cycle model specifically for Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Roxanne has over 15 years of experience performing life cycle assessments for various industries and groups and has been a Life Cycle Assessment Certified Practitioner since the creation of the certification in 2008. Much of her work has focused on energy systems from LCAs of the power industry to focused work on fuel systems and the impact of various regulations on fuel sources worldwide.

Roxanne’s work at the DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory centered around research-based process LCAs for numerous power generation systems and fuel pathways. She co-lead a team of 7 while delivering on 5 simultaneous projects. While at PE International (renamed Thinkstep and most recently renamed Sphera), Roxanne branched out into primary data collection and validation tasks. She worked with consumer products ranging from baby shampoo to macaroni and cheese to building insulation. When Roxanne returned to support NETL again, she created a highly parametrized model for the extraction and processing of natural gas from a number of different sources. For Shell, Roxanne supported LCA work across all businesses helping them to design products with the lowest carbon footprints possible and to understand how regulations impacted their products. She sat on a number of advocacy and research coalitions for the oil and gas industry.