Scott Unger

Scott Unger, Senior Sustainability Consultant

Scott Unger has a Ph.D. in Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering from Arizona State University. He has extensive experience in sustainability metrics quantification (e.g., LCA, carbon footprint) and report development. Scott has published several peer-reviewed studies on topics including:

  • The comparative environmental impacts of reusable versus disposable dental equipment
  • The environmental and economic impacts of reprocessed medical devices
  • The environmental impacts of increased biopolymer content in medical devices
  • The water quality impacts associated with increased biofuel production in the United States

Scott has also performed sustainability analyses on various sectors and at different levels of economy, including:

  • Developing Visual Basic (VBA) scripted models that estimate life cycle inventory and impact assessments for common analytical chemistry methods (e.g., ion chromatography, mass spectroscopy).
  • Developing use-phase residential life cycle inventory for the United States environmentally-extended input-output (USEEIO) database
  • Developing spent chemical solvent life cycle calculations for the Green Engineering Material Management (GEMM) model used at
  • Contributing to the development and organization of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Life Cycle Background Database
  • Contributing to the Spreadsheets for Environmental Footprint Analysis (SEFA) report, which estimates environmental emission factors for chemicals, construction materials, treatment materials, and transportation used at remediation sites

Scott lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his amazing wife and two kids (with a third on the way in September!) With his free time Scott enjoys spending time with his family, which mostly entails trips to family-favorite restaurants, nearby parks, museums, or just spending the entire day in the backyard. Scott also enjoys board games with friends, listening to a wide variety of music, and any martial arts movie.