Shannon Going

Shannon Going, Senior Environmental Consultant

Shannon has a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and six years of experience in the environmental field with a strong emphasis in air quality issues for the refining and petrochemical industries.  Shannon has a strong background in Title V and PSD permitting as well as New Source Review (NSR) and minor permit modifications in Texas, including performing detailed BACT analyses. She has extensive experience working on-site alongside plant personnel. She is adept at working closely with plant operators to ensure that environmental requirements are considered at all levels of plant operation during daily activities.

Here are a few of the key projects where Shannon has provided her expertise:

  • New Source Permitting for Major and Minor Modifications (multiple sectors)– Shannon has extensive experience developing complex NSR and Title V permit applications for major and minor new sources in Texas. Permit applications included comprehensive BACT and regulatory analysis for entire sites and varied sources such as Flares, Thermal Oxidizers, Storage Tanks, Loading, Cooling Towers, and Fugitive Emissions for clients in the refining and petrochemical sectors. She has supported new source impacts review and modelling. She has also assisted in the integration of these new sources into existing site compliance systems.
  • Regulatory Compliance Implementation (refinery and petrochemical sectors)– Supported the development of a comprehensive regulatory compliance system to capture all applicable regulations for the entire environmental team at a Texas refinery and petrochemical complex. This system included all applicable control requirements as well as recordkeeping and reporting requirements across sectors of environmental compliance to include water, waste, and air.
  • Tank Compliance Training (refinery and petrochemical)– Developed a training module designed to increase the identification of environmental compliance issues during tank inspections performed by unit operators. Conducted a week-long training seminar for all tank inpsectors at the plant. This process included conducting numerous interviews and walkthroughs with plant operators to identify knowledge gaps, the creation of a day-long training seminar, integration of environmental requirements into daily plant operations, and follow-up to ensure that the new systems were effectively executed.