Trisha Montalbo

Trisha Montalbo, Senior Sustainability Consultant

Trisha Montalbo has over nine years of experience in sustainability consulting. She earned her bachelor’s and graduate degrees in materials science and engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before getting involved in conducting life cycle assessments (LCAs) and greenhouse gas inventories.

While most of her experience is in the building & construction and consumer packaged goods sectors, she has worked with clients throughout the supply chain from raw material producers to waste management companies. She also has extensive knowledge of environmental product declarations (EPDs) and has participated in product category rule (PCR) development, as well as co-chaired ACLCA’s PCR Committee.

In addition to conducting LCAs, Trisha has experience with software implementation, in which she helped clients integrate software products into their respective businesses. The software she worked with facilitated data collection and reporting for corporate greenhouse gas inventories. As part of these projects, Trisha collaborated with clients to identify their specific needs, configured the software set-up and trained users.