Daryl Beardsley Joins JBE as a Collaborator

By John Beath

Dec 05

We are happy to announce that Daryl Beardsley has joined the JBE team as a collaborator.  Her role at JBE will be as Senior Environmental and Sustainability consultant.  Many clients will already be familiar with her work as an independent consultant.  She will collaborate with JBE as appropriate, and will also continue to provide independent services.


Daryl has a bachelor’s degree in in environmental studies from the University of Rhode Island, and a master’s degree in Technology and Policy Programs within the Department of Civil Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Daryl’s field of specialization is in industrial-environmental and related sustainability issues.  She has a rich set of experience working with a wide variety of clients domestically and internationally.

Clients of Ms. Beardsley include private companies, international organizations, and government agencies.  Commercial and industrial clients have included: manufacturers (of automotive and aerospace parts, printed circuit boards, electronics, medical instruments, steel, pulp and paper, plywood, adhesives, fabric, printed materials, food and beverages, etc.); laboratories; chemical manufacturers; pharmaceutical R&D facilities; gasoline reformulaters; waste-to-energy incinerators; etc.

Daryl has lectured on environmental issues as well as taught environmental courses; and has worked domestically in more than twenty states and internationally in more than ten developed and developing countries.

Her strength in delivering “shop floor” manufacturing sector sustainability services will be an excellent compliment to JBE’s sustainability data management and analysis capabilities.  Welcome Daryl!








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