Join John Beath at the Next 4C H.S.E. Conference on February 20th

By John Beath

Feb 12

Join John Beath on February 20th at the next 4C H.S.E. Conference in Austin, Texas, where he will be speaking on the topic of “Integrating Speciation Data For Chemical Plants and Refineries.” A surprising number of reports rely on chemical speciation data for purchased chemicals, feedstocks, intermediate streams and products. Recent experience with an EPA NEIC inspection underscored the value in centralizing this data for consistency. Calculations related to quantities present onsite (Tier Two), release reporting and threshold determinations (EPCRA/SARA), emissions calculations (EI/TRI), TSCA Manufacturing Inventory (coming in 2020), RMP (Maximum Intended Inventory), PSM (operator process information), OSHA Hazard Communication, and permit applications could benefit from a carefully orchestrated process. Imagine if the system you develop internally could answer simple questions for emergency situations like what’s the composition of the material in that drum, or that heat exchanger; and imagine if a process was in place to keep all of the content revised as process changes occur.

So what will John be covering?

Environmental staff, consultants and managers spend a large portion of their time developing and modifying spreadsheets. What if they could be built to reduce work using the best formulas for the right situations, were configured so they were easy to use and check, and if the documentation process was standardized so that expectations were clear? Investing time to make sure these work products are better will reduce labor cost, re-work and help you limit mistakes. Google might be your friend, but this course material is based on best practices compiled by our staff over the past several years and it has already been used to train users of many disciplines across a refinery. Leave the class with an Excel tool box that captures all the techniques covered.

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