PERF Sustainability Forum 2018 Highlights

By John Beath

Apr 18








The conference in Copenhagen (April 12 and 13, 2018) was a good opportunity to learn about the various Petroleum Environmental Research Forum (PERF) projects and environmental technology development in general.  Pictured above is the new Waste-To-Energy plant in Copenhagen.  Can you guess what the roof of the building will be used for?  [see answer at bottom of page]

Here are the highlights I captured:

Other Presentations:

  • Application of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Danish Oil and Gas Industry, Martin Maesby, Denmark Oil and Gas
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry, Paul Holthus, World Ocean Council
  • Water Management in Shell, Albert Janssen
  • Physical Climate Change Risk, Sue Kimball Cook, Ramboll
  • PERF Project Update  High TDS Water Treatment  Unconventional, Anne Wagner, Chevron
  • Remote Sensing PERF Project Status, Anne Wagner, Chevron
  • Global Waste to Energy Various Waste Stream Including Oilfield Waste, Bettina Kamuk, Ramboll (unit pictured above)
  • Zero Flare System Detail Design of a Vent Gas Recovery System, Asmus Dalsgard Nielson, Ramboll

Conference Leader:  Bruce Randolph, Phillips 66

Local Host:   Melinda Truskowski, Ramboll







If you guessed a ski slope, you are correct!


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