The client asked JBE to evaluate the accuracy of their wastewater calculations, and to develop a tool to allow them to evaluate compliance on a regular basis. They did not have confidence in the calculations, because they kept their data in a complex Access database with little transparency.

JBE focused our industry experience coupled with our Excel expertise to develop a fit for purpose solution for the client. We understand the potential pitfalls of using lab data, and developed tools to reflect this. We designed the tool so that data coming at different frequencies was handled appropriately for averaging. Our experience allowed us to develop this tool for our client in a reasonable time frame and without going through multiple iterations to get it right.
JBE improved the client’s data transparency by taking the calculations out of “a black box”, giving them much greater confidence in the results, and effectively helping them reduce their compliance risk. We used our experience to do this efficiently, saving them money through reduced project costs and avoided potential non-compliance time.