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Experienced Consultants.  A Consciously Different Approach.

JBE’s vision is to help clients improve their operations as we deliver environmental compliance/permitting and sustainability consulting services.  Our staff frequently works alongside (or to supplement) the client’s organization, leveraging client resources and collaborating to develop solutions that improve over past practices.  In doing so, we strive to raise the overall technical capability of the client’s team.

JBE is a low-overhead consultancy, which means we can offer a staff of experienced mid-level and senior engineers chosen for their ability to individually deliver turn-key solutions, while still providing an attractively priced suite of services.

This is consciously different from the traditional larger consulting company team approach.  Learn more

Featured Projects
  • Prepared the carbon footprint for a Texas city
  • Developed multiple flare management plans using a unique Excel approach to generate multiple plans from a table
  • Prepared the water use footprint for a corporation
  • Developed an applicability matrix for a facility impacted by the Refinery Sector Rule
  • Performed a detailed review of methodology used for floating roof tank throughput estimation to reduce estimated emissions

More projects

  • Implemented an environmental compliance calendar using JBE’s CalendarGrid for refinery staff
  • Provided key comments for a company’s reporting of Scope 3 impacts under the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
  • Performed a feedstock comparative carbon footprint study for a chemical plant seeking to lower its carbon footprint
  • Assisted with disaster recovery for a manufacturing plant
  • Provided expert witness services related to refinery process operations
  • Supported a refinery undergoing EPA consent decree enforcement