Paula Vosmus, P.E. (Louisiana)

Paula Vosmus, P.E. (Louisiana), Senior Environmental Engineer 

Paula Vosmus has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Tulane University and over six years of combined experience as both an environmental consultant and a process engineer, for a variety of clients in the petrochemical, refinery, pipeline, and paper industries.  Her environmental experience focused primarily on air compliance issues and includes supporting client needs related to Title V, PSD, NSPS, and NESHAPs programs.  This work has included reporting, permitting, emissions calculations, regulatory analyses, and designing air emissions compliance certification systems for a multitude of industries including refining, chemical manufacturing, pipelines and others.

As a process engineer in EPC, she has designed various major equipment and systems, including heat exchangers, pumps, towers, compressors, and instrumentation; and developed heat and material balances, PFDs, P&IDs, simulations, equipment specification sheets, cost estimates, flare system design, and hydraulics studies. Her recent work at JBE has included completing Tier Two and SARA TRI reports for refineries and assisting with various regulatory compliance assessments.

Here are a few of the key environmental projects where Paula has provided her expertise:

  • Title V permit applications Prepared applications for various facilities across the Southeast, including refineries, food, pulp and paper, natural gas, and chemical plants. Work included source identification, emissions inventory, and regulatory analyses.
  • Compliance certification system Developed a compliance certification system for a large chemical facility in Louisiana. Completed local, state, and federal regulatory analyses for multiple units at the multiproduct chemical complex; developed a database system for compliance certification data collection and processing; reviewed all facility permits and SOPs, inspection records, and data storage systems for compliance.
  • Wetlands Permit Applications Completed coastal zone determination, Corps of Engineers Wetland determination forms, and Water Quality Certification forms for a client in Louisiana.
  • RCRA corrective action interim measure reports Prepared for several solid waste management units.
  • Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) vent analysis and regulatory compliance Determined hazardous waste requirements under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) air emission standards for refinery client.
  • Air Emissions Inventory System (EIS) Prepared complete emissions inventories for a large number of compressor stations, and converted emissions data to ASC II format for submittal to LDEQ.
  • Air Emissions Reporting Completed annual emission reporting (EIS) for several pipeline facilities throughout Louisiana, including terminals and compressor stations. Work included identifying point sources, verifying emission data, and transferring necessary information into EIS file format for submittal to the LDEQ.
  • Air Toxics Permit Applications Prepared Louisiana Air Toxics permit applications for a large chemical facility in Louisiana. Verified emissions inventories, evaluated operating scenarios, and compiled regulatory analyses for several units within the facility. Evaluated compliance through ambient air monitoring.