Experienced Consultants. A Consciously Different Approach.

Our Vision

JBE’s vision is to help clients improve their operations as we deliver environmental compliance/permitting and sustainability consulting services.  Our staff frequently works alongside (or to supplement) the client’s organization, leveraging client resources and collaborating to develop solutions that improve over past practices.  In doing so, we strive to raise the overall technical capability of the client’s team.

JBE is a low-overhead consultancy, which means we can offer a staff of experienced mid-level and senior engineers chosen for their ability to individually deliver turn-key solutions, while still providing an attractively priced suite of services.

This is consciously different from the traditional larger consulting company team approach.  Learn more

Featured Services

Environmental Compliance Assurance

JBE can help your organization develop an optimum risk-based strategy and ongoing process that checks that key required environmental compliance actions are actually getting done.

Sustainability Data Management

Find out how JBE can help you analyze data effectively, determine clearly where you are in your organization’s sustainability journey, and assist you in planning and meeting goals.

Supply Chain and Sustainable Purchasing

See how JBE helped one client expand its Scope 3 and water understanding by exploring its supply chain.

Our Latest Projects

Check out JBE’s latest environmental compliance, permitting, and sustainability projects here!

JBE Regulatory Update

View or sign up for JBE’s monthly federal and TCEQ regulatory update, an environmental score card to help you keep up as events unfold!