Experienced consultants.  A consciously different approach.

We are forward-thinking engineers and sustainability experts that meet clients where they are to take them beyond compliance and into sustainable business.

Our Services

Environmental Compliance

Our team of engineers and scientists assists industrial clients with compliance obligations that range from regulatory interpretation to new program and tool development to reviewing and enhancing current compliance programs.  As part of our delivery of work products, we leverage our strong process experience to enhance the processes we observe.


Determine your facility’s environmental impacts, develop and improve your sustainability planning and reporting, identify and implement cost-effective reductions.

Featured Compliance Projects

Featured Sustainability Projects

Why work with JBE?

JBE creates long-term solutions that integrate environmental compliance and sustainability into our clients’ operations.

We’re a low-overhead consultancy. Our staff of experienced engineers are chosen for their ability to individually deliver turn-key solutions at an attractive price. This is consciously different from the traditional larger consulting company team approach.  Learn more

JBE in Action

Explore content developed by our environmental compliance and sustainability teams to see the impact made on projects including:

JBE’s environmental compliance calendar CalendarGrid, permitting, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) submissions, Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), sustainability data management, carbon, water and energy footprinting, and more.  Learn more