JBE Regulatory Updates


Topic Area Link Description Link
Useful Publicly Available Carbon Footprint Tools GREET1 by Argonne Laboratory – Extraction through use phase fuel transportation model GREET1_2017  
  GREET2 by Argonne Laboratory – Vehicle model (contains footprint data for components of a vehicle) GREET2_2017
  PRELIM by University of Calgary – Refinery model (just released) PRELIM (December 2017 Release)
  OPGEE by Stanford University – Oil Extraction model OPGEE Model v2.0
  GHGenius by National Resources Canada – Transportation model used by Canadian regulatory agencies for project evaluation GHGenius 4.03
  Scope 3 Evaluator by GHG Protocol (WRI) hosted byb Quantis – A tool to determine the carbon footprint of a business segment or company (hosted but factors can be downloaded to Excel) Scope3 Evaluator Web Interface Link
  NREL LCA Commons – tabular LCA data for various materials LCA Commons
  Port World – Calculate shipping distances over water Port World
  DEFRA – IO Factors for GHG Reporting (2012) – Available as an Excel download (now there is a web-based tool also) DEFRA IO Factors
Papers on Carbon Footprinting Contribution of Infrastructure to Oil and Gas Production and Processing Carbon Footprint, Argonne National Laboratory (Oct 2014); Authors: J. Beath, N. Black, M. Boone, G. Roberts, B. Rutledge, A. Elgowainy, M. Wang, J. Kelly ANL Publication Link for Download
Useful Federal Regulatory Websites Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR) – codified regularly now as changes are made to regulations e-CFR
  Federal Register – references to when rules changed in e-CFR footnotes can be located by date here back to 1994 Federal Register
  Semi-Annual Regulatory Agenda – this lists future regulatory changes being considered and their progress through the promulgation process Semi-Annual Regulatory Agenda
  List of Sections Affected – this catalogs what has been changed each month List of Sections Affected
  Federal Register Docket – Federal Register entries for proposed and final rules will have accompanying documents posted here.  You can search or browse from this link location. Federal Register Docket
  National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP) – Location of historical documents such as Background Information Documents (BIDs) can be quite difficult – this is an excellent place to find all old government documents. NSCEP